Egypt - Cairo - City of 16 Million
(left to right)  New friend Courtney, our excellent  Egyptologist guide Nancy and Lynn.
Overlooking Cairo  from the Salah Al.Din Citadel, the largest citadel in the Islamic world.
Hookahs are sold in the market and are a popular souvenir to take home.  
These black and white vehicles  were  popular as taxi cabs in Cairo.  
One of the local craftsmen in the Khan el Khalili Market made cartouches for my daughters.
Muslim families leaving the Husayn mosque.
The Grand Hyatt and the Hard Rock beneath it are in a very modern area of Cairo along the Nile.
Traffic in Cairo is a nightmare.  Traffic lights exist, but are not obeyed.  Motorists drive with their headlights off at night to conserve their car batteries!  Pedestrians are at risk.
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