The Sphinx and The Pyramids
The Great Pyramid of Cheops and three small Queen's pyramids.
For years I have dreamed about taking this classic photograph of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. 
Expect to be hassled by vendors selling everything from miniature pyramids  to camel rides.
Though the Great Pyramid (2nd from the left) appears larger it really is not bigger than the pyramids on either side of it.
Camel riders wait to give tourists rides.  Be wary and negotiate the rate before you climb on.
The town of Giza is extremely close to the pyramids.
A highway runs between the pyramids.
These pyramids were built in approximately 2600 B.C. from blocks of stone from 2.5 to 15 tons each!  How it was accomplished remains a mystery.
Copyright 2005 - Dave Hutchinson