Taos, New Mexico
This famous bridge spans the Rio Grande Gorge.
San Francisco De Asis claims to be the most photographed church in America.
This beautiful landscape lies just north of Taos.
We lasted visited the Square in Taos in the mid '80s.  It has become a little too commercial for my tastes. Incidentally, I know folks are going to ask why I didn't photograph the famous Taos Pueblo.  Poor planning on my part.  The Pueblo was closed for some type of Indian event when we were there.
The Millicent Rogers Museum is a Taos highlight.  In her lifetime, Ms. Rogers amassed an amazing collecton of Indian art including pottery, sculpture, paintings and icons.
This style of building is called an Earthship. Many people live in odd looking homes like this in the Taos area for the environmental qualities of the construction
Our home while in Taos was The Sagebrush Inn (above and right), one of Taos' oldest hotels.  The rooms and the service from the manager, Louise, were really quite special.
We enjoyed the wonderful sunset and terrific food on the patio at the Steakout Bar & Grill just south of Taos.
River rafting is a popular adventure between Taos and Santa Fe.
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