Punta Arenas, Chile
Punta Arenas also claims to be the most Austral (southern) city in the world.  I don't know if it is the most  southern, but Lynn thinks that it certainly is the coldest place on earth.  It snowed hard while we were there.  47 degrees Fahrenheit is about as warm as it gets.
Cemeteries are popular attractions all over South America.  This cemetery in Punta Arenas has sections for Italians, firemen, police, etc.  Markers display the time of death as the one above.
We visited a museum.  Punta Arenas history doesn't go back before the mid 1800s.  Hence, the oil derrick and pharmacy.
We really had a hard time imagining that office furniture would be in a museum.
This is Fort Bulnes  a reconstruction of the Fort where Chile established the first Patagonian settlement and took possession of the strait and surrounding lands (1843).

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