Grazers - Page 1
A bushbuck. 
Defassa waterbuck.
Impala are generally social and travel in groups like this.  They are always on the lookout for predators.
A mature male impala.
A pair of Kirk's Dik-Diks.  Tiny, but part of the antelope family.
The graceful Reticulated Giraffe.  The giraffe on the right is with an offspring.
The warthog is so ugly that it is cute.
The Gerenuk is easily identified by its very long neck that it uses to eat leaves from trees.
The Masai Giraffe.  Notice the difference in markings from the Reticulated Gifaffe.
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Wildebeest.  There is a saying that the wildebeest is made up of the parts that God threw away.