Migration Across the Mara River
A herd of approximately 200 wildebeest stand poised ready to cross the Mara River.
Joseph, our guide, said that the herd would not cross until the leader began (above).
Cameras ready.  In an instant the herd begins to cross.
The wildebeest make a huge racket as the cross the shallow river.
A successful passage by the herd.
The wildebeest will continue their march to the Serengetti where they will continue to graze through Spring.  Then they will continue their endless cycle back to the Masai Mara.
We really didn't think that this lame animal was going to successfully cross without being attacked by lions or a crocodile.  He made it safely.
It is amazing to me how small this area of the Mara River is to host one of the World's most spectacular events!
Copyright - Dave Hutchinson