Ballooning Over The Masai Mara
Lynn and I try not to miss an opportunity to do a hot-air balloon ride in our travels.  
Ballooning is a great way to get up above the landscape for some dramatic photography.  Additionally, it is just plain exhilarating.
The Governor's Camp Balloon crew gets the balloon in position for takeoff.
Governor's Camp flys four 16 passenger balloons.  On our trip they had just 2 in the air. 
In-flight silhouettes of our sister balloon at sunrise on the Masai Mara.
The Mara River snakes through the plain as hippos play in the river.
The shadow of our balloon.
Back again on terra ferma.
A champagne toast is customary at the end of a hot-air balloon ride, but this celebratory event was definitely over the top.  In addition to a hot breakfast cooked on the Masai Mara we were given a cd and personal photograph taken while we were aloft.
Copyright - Dave Hutchinson