Kenya's Colorful Tribes
One of the optional activities that Lynn and I looked forward to on this safari was to visit a tribal village.  We were afforded that opportunity in Kenya.  We spent a few hours at this village of Sambura people.  These people are nomads.  They do carry knives and spears, but we found them to be quite friendly.  In the photos above the Sambura are demonstrating their native ritual of jumping.
The tribal women are responsible for building their homes from sticks and scraps.  (right) Making fire from rubbing sticks together.
This is Phillip, this village's chief.  He was educated outside of the village and returned here as is the custom.
A Samburan elder.  Notice the traditional elongated earlobe.
The women of the villages learn to make colorful beadwork like the ladies are demonstrating above.
It is certainly primitive, but education is important here in this outdoor classroom.
Villagers and a typical Samburan home.
Masai entertainers.
Spectacular beadwork.  It's for sale, of course.
Copyright - Dave Hutchinson