Galapagos - More Iguanas & Sally Lightfoot Crabs
I never realized how much I would enjoy photographing the colorful Sally Lightfoot crabs which seemed to be everywhere.  They are also a good video subject.
The unique black marine iguanas are a unique subject.  They adapt well to both sea and land.
A lava lizard on one of the pristine pink sand beaches.
This snake in a state of rigor mortis was the only snake that we saw though there are many species in the Galapagos.
The iguana (left) walks near a trail marker disinterested as hikers gather inches away.  At right, an iguana shades himself under his favorite food, a cactus plant. 
Lynn stops to view a sea lion basking in the sun. More sea lions play in the rocks along the nearby cliffs.
Copyright 2008 - Dave Hutchinson