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The Galapagos Islands & Ecuador
Sea Lions, Iguanas & Land Turtles
Sally Lightfoot Crabs & Iguanas
Blue Footed Boobies & Frigate Birds
Darwin's Finches & Small Birds
Galapagos Beaches & Landscapes
Galapagos Town - Puerto Ayora
Quito, Ecuador
Ecuador - People & Markets
Doors of Ecuador
Pinnacle Rock and beach on Bartolome Island.
The whimsical Blue Footed Boobie.
One of the giant land tortoises on Santa Cruz.
Male frigate bird with inflated mating pouch.
Sally Lightfoot Crab.
Sea Lion on Plazas Island.
A Galapagos Land Iguana on North Seymour Island.
Dave & Lynn in Quito. (Photo credit - Amber Bell)