Mae Ping Elephant Camp & Petting Tigers
The mahouts (elephant driver) bring the elephants to the camp.  The elephants will perform and then will transport the visitors on an hour long elephant safari through the rain forest.
These are Asian elephants.  There are two other types of elephant in the World, the African Elephant and the Forest elephant.  Both of these elephants are in Africa.  The Asian elephants appear to have a bit different coloration.  They also are a bit smaller than the other types.
I had seen a video on You Tube which depicted an elephant painting himself.  I thought that this was a unique trait to just one elephant.  But, apparently most of the elephant camps have at least one talented elephant.  It is a pretty incredible act.
Copyright  - Dave Hutchinson
We followed our elephant ride with a ride behind Thai cows.
We were able to pet tigers at Tiger Kingdom. These tigers have been rescued.  We were inside huge cages with these cats.  The tigers were about 5 months old and quite playful.
We are off on a one hour safari through the rain forest.  (Photo - Bonnie Frederick)