Chiang Rai - Fertile Farmland 
The engine that is used on the truck above is removed when the farmers get to their fields.  There it is attached to a plow and used on the farm.  Now, how's that for industriousness?
This land along the river is fertile.  It seems like there is something growing on every inch of ground outside of the villages.
We hiked with guide, Ong, to the rice fields where we saw the workers removing the new plants  which will be placed for cultivation in the nearby pattys.
A Thai cow.
Corn is interspersed with the rice fields and sugar cane.
Chinese tea growing and processing has been introduced into this fertile area in Northern Thailand. The workers pictured above are on the way to work in the tea processing factory.
The owner of this famous tea plantation presents us with an opportunity to sample his fine teas.
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