Chiang Rai - Pythons, Monkeys & a Purple Dog
We arrived at a village on a long-tailed boat.  I saw the snakes and Lynn and Bonnie high tailed it...shopping again.  The girls are both deathly afraid of snakes.  As you can see, it took 5 people and 300 baht (about $10) to put this 15 foot, 320 pound python on my shoulders for the photo (Photo credit - Gerry Frederick).  Hey, it is highly unlikely that I will ever get to do that again!  Only my boyhood friend, Steve Dolby, really knows what a thrill this was for me.
Monkeys like these Gibbons are common in Northern Thailand.  This family came down for a handout of peanuts.  
A purple dog.  Go figure.
Copyright - Dave Hutchinson