The Golden Triangle - Thailand, Laos, Myanmar
This panorama was taken from Thailand.  To the right in the photo is Laos.  On the left is Myanmar (Burma).  We took a boat to Laos.  We walked across a bridge to Myanmar.   Our passport was sufficient for Laos.  We were required to purchase a visa (500 baht - about $15) for Myanmar.
The Golden Triangle was on the route of the illegal opium trade.  The Opium Museum houses maps, historical artifacts, smoking instruments and memorabilia from this era.  To the left is an actual logo from one of the brands of opium that was distributed.
Our stop in Donsao, Laos was brief.  Just long enough for the guys to inspect the critters (cobras & scorpions in whiskey bottles) that are supposed to cure what ails you.  Of course, the women scurried for shopping.
Crossing the bridge to the immigration office in Myanmar we encountered our first and only rain on our two week trip.  After all, this is the rainy season!  Here they call it "the Green Season."   Tachileik is a bustling border town where all of the commerce is right out in the street.   We  were transported to a temple on the hill behind the town on a motorized rickshaw.  Myanmar has their own language, but was once occupied by the Brits so communication between our Thai guide and the Myanmar immigration folks was in English.
This is the gold temple at the top.  I love the monk student.  I assume that he is checking out the latest soccer scores on his radio.
Copyright - Dave Hutchinson