Johannesburg South Africa
Copyright - Dave Hutchinson
Johannesburg or Jo'Berg is a huge growing city that was built on top of many gold mines.  In 2010 The FIFA Games World Cup soccer tournament will be played in South Africa.  The immense Soccer City Stadium is under construction in Jo'Berg  and will seat 94,000 fans!  This is truly a major happening in this country where soccer is king!

There is a large rail network centered here in Johannesburg.
This sculpture is a tribute to the thousands of African miners.
Lynn poses at the Voortrekker Monument.  It's a tribute to the pioneer history of Southern Africa.  The 27 panel friezes along the interior walls depict in sculpture the timeline the Boers trek across the country.  It is  the world's largest frieze.
Jo'Berg has many elegant and fashionable malls like this one in Sandton.
This Italian restaurant, Tivoli, in Sandton is on our highly recommended list.
The small box of Baby Bum Creme is just two US Dollars.  The Eazi-Breathe Kit is about $3.
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