India - Varanasi & The Ganges River
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Copyright - Dave Hutchinson
Indians go to the Ganges to pray, to bath and to wash clothes.  Sometimes they go daily.  The color and the photographic opportunities are incredible.
Boats line up for the nightly prayer service on the Ganges.
Cremation is a tradition of the Hindus.  Hundreds of cremations take place daily here on the Ganges.
Shashank, our excellent guide readies flowers and prayers to float on the Ganges.
Hindus are traditionally vegetarians.  Folks go to the produce markets on the street daily for their vegetables.
The pigs, owned by the street cleaners, eat garbage on the street.
Sunrise through the smoky haze on the River.
Hindu holy men offer up prayers from several stages along the River.
Yes, that is a live steer in this fabric store.  Cows are sacred in India and you will find them roaming everywhere.