India - Ancient Khajuraho
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We took a 2 hour train trip from Agra to Jhansi, followed by 5 hours in a car to get to this ancient site.  These spectacular temples were constructed by the Hindus between the 10th and the 12th Century.   They were discovered in 1819 by a British military surveyor.
This is Hindu Temple is active and only Hindus are admitted here.
All of the temples on this site are adorned with erotic sculptures.
This temple was located behind our lodging and is not a part of the World Heritage site above.
We were not disappointed to take the long drive to Kharajuraho.  It's history and preservation reminded me of our visit a few years ago to Machu Picchu.
Families continue to live as they have for centuries in the tiny village of Khajuraho.
A tailor using ancient equipment.
The holiest man in the village.
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