Tijuana, Mexico
We have been to "border towns" before.  We did it a little different this time.  We drove to the southernmost US exit and took a bus to Tijuana from the parking lot.  The extremely reasonable bus ($2 roundtrip) took us through Customs and dropped us into a nicer, more pleasant  section of Tijuana.  US Dollars are best here.  very few of the vendors wanted to deal in credit cards.
This guy wants you to pose for a picture next to his painted donkey!  For a tip, of course.
The walls of  the city.
You are seeing correctly.  This arch, quite similar to the arch in St. Louis was erected recently in Tijuana.
(left) Dave & Lynn pause for a cool Corona at the Tijuana's Hard Rock Cafe.
Copyright 2003-2004 - Dave Hutchinson
Pharmacies selling pharmaceuticals over the counter line this street.