Galapagos - Beaches and Landscape
Dave & Lynn enjoy the view of Pinnacle Rock and Bartolome Island.
Much of the landscape in the Galapagos is volcanic desert with cactus and lava rock cliffs.
Lava cactus.
Big Daphne Island.
Pristine, deserted beaches abound.  The solitude here is incredible.
Our friend Linda and Lynn enjoy a few quiet moments on Tortuga Beach on Santa Cruz Island.
One of the many dormant volcanoes.  We climbed 2000 feet to the top of this one on Bartome Island.  The view was stunning. Lava from the caldera is in the photo at the right.  
One of the huge lava tubes on Santa Cruz Island.
This hiking trail from Puerto Ayora to Tortuga Beach is beautifully built from pavers.  The hike is approximately 40 minutes.
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