Galapagos - Town of Puerto Ayora
Family of four on a bike!  The price of gas is not an issue in Ecuador.  It was $1.24 a gallon when we were there (May 2008)!
The charming 22 room Silberstein Hotel was our home while in the Galapagos.
Band practice at a school in Puerto Ayora.
The local fish market conveniently located right on the water in the center of town must be one of the most successful businesses in the village.  Fish is loaded off of the local fishermen's boats , cleaned and sold instantly.  You can spend hours just watching this operation.
The pelicans and sea lions are at the market too for handouts and scraps.
Dining is casual, and almost always outdoors.
Most of these burial plots are from the mid 20th Century.
Hearts of Palm salad is a favorite all over Ecuador. Delicious!
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