Ecuador - Quito 
The egg marks the Middle of the World..  The geological marker indicates the Equator.
We were joined by our friends (l-r) Amber, Diane, Catherine, Linda. Paul and Bob at Sur, a wonderful Argentinian restaurant in Quito.
A statue of the Virgin Mary stands proudly over Quito.
This cathedral was built by the Jesuits in the 17th Century.  Everything is coated in gold!
This beautiful church was next to our hotel in Guayaquil.
A visit to the spectaculer Catholic cathedrals is certainly a highlight of a visit to Quito.
Flashback-The ice cream man.
(left) This dapper gentleman spends his leisure time doing charactures.  I offered to pay for mine. He said thanks, but no charge! (right) I guess the bird must be this woman's pet.
Many issues were being promoted  in this peaceful demonstration at Ecuador's capitol.
Copyright 2008 - Dave Hutchinson
Security prepares the capitol balcony for a speech from Ecuador's President.